Parent Skills Training

We all wish that our children had come with a manual. For many of us, parenting has proven to be the biggest challenge of our lives. And that was before our "babies" turned into teenagers...

If you are a parent struggling with your teenager, you are NOT ALONE!  In my 15 years of working with adolescents and their parents, I have developed a deep sense of compassion and respect for both teens and their parents. It is a challenging time for both, and without the proper tools, it can become unmanageable. Dr. Alan Fruzzetti has developed a skills training module specifically designed to give parents of teenagers skills to address behaviors, improve communication, and foster a healthy and satisfying relationship with their child(ren). 

Skills training is a 14 week course  and focuses on the following skills:

-validation skills to improve communication
-relational mindfulness to increase intentional interactions and improve the relationship
-behavior modification to promote behavior change

In addition, Dr. Orris provides  extensive consultation to parents within the group setting as well as between session phone coaching.

For more information about Parent Skills Training or to enroll, you may contact Dr. Orris directly via email or phone. 

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